Madhu Muskan


Publisher is active, but they do not publish this comic series anymore.

Brief History...

 Madhu Muskan was a weekly comic magazine from the publisher of the popular film magazine 'Mayapuri'. Though not a comic in the strict literary sense, Madhu Muskan was more than a magazine, almost nearer to any comics published. 90% of the pages containes illustrated comical stories featuring various characters popular at the times. Just 4-5 pages contains the stories in the form of a magazine, and rest as mentioned above were in the form of the comics. 

Madhu Muskan was mostly a funny magazine, designed with a view of family readers' entertainment. It was a very popular magazine. At the times when comics industry was at boom, and people had interests in reading this form of literature, the magazine too featured some stories in the form of pictures, but Madhu Muskan mainly relies on the comical stories alone. 

Publisher's Address & Website...

Art Director - Harish M. Sudan
Madhu Muskan Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Gulab House
A-143 Mayapuri
New Delhi - 110064

Languages & Frequency...

Madhu Muskan was a weekly comic magazine.

Though it was only published in Hindi and were not available in English.

Characters and Themes...

The characters of Madhu Muskan were mainly humorous and funny. Though one detective story feat. Babloo was also there, rest of the characters were designed to laugh. Apart from that there used to be stories in the magazine format on various themes.

Daddy Ji
Daddy ji was the most popular and prime character in Madhu Muskan. He used to be featured on the cover of each and every issue of Madhu Muskan.

He was a humorous character later appeared in Manoj Comics as a famous comic writer with the name of 'Uncle Charlie'. 

Babloo was a teen detective. Often as common with this kind of stories, he has an uncle in the police. Who always seek his help in solving the mysteries and arresting the criminals. He was a popular character and he too appeared in every issue of Madhu Muskan.
Popat - Chaupat
In the tradition of the famous Motu-Patlu, Popat-Chaupat were the ill-fated (Kismat ke Maare) comic duo, who are always surrounded by the money problems or the others. 

There pathetic situation arises the element of fun and humour in the comics.

As the name implies, yet another comic duo surrounded with problems all the time. 

Whereas Chustram is always over energatic 'Chust', 'Sustram' was the most laziest person. Because of his behavior he was always beaten by Chustram.


Another character you can recognize with Pran's Pinki. A very clever, mischievous and helpful little girl. 

©2007, Anupam Agrawal