Goyal Comics


Publisher is Active, though they do not publish the comic series any more





Brief History...

Goyal comics was an attempt by the Goyal Pocket Books to break into the Indian Comic Industry in the early 90s. Though this attempt turned out to be a disaster and the comic could not survived. It become more like tradition by the Indian novel and pocket books publishers to enter the comic genre. But only few of came prepared and played a long innings. Others, which includes most of the publishers, came without any preparation and most important dedication for the comic. It was not the story, but the illustrations (drawings) of the comic that prevented the comic reader from making a move. The reason possibly be, that usually other than the cover page of the novel, no great artist is required in their main genre. And eventually like the other publishers, it too was rejected by the readers and finally it disappeared without leaving any impact on the Indian Comic history.

Publisher's Address & Website...

Goyal Pocket Books
New Delhi

Languages & Frequency...

Goyal Comics was published monthly with 6 comics in each monthly set. The comics was published only in Hindi language.

Characters and Themes

Goyal comics too lacked heavily when it came to a regular powerful character. Most of the Goyal comics were a search for a superhero, but none came any nearer to the expectations and most of them never had a second comic to their names. Out of the 6 comics published monthly, generally 4 were of the one-shots featuring various characters and themes ranging from fairy & knight tales, moral or social tales, action-adventure-espionage, science fiction or any other genre...

Not much is known about the characters. 

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